Karen Bransgrove enjoys living in Colorado and serving as Children’s Minister at Riverside Church in Denver. She is the mother of two sons, Austin and Chris, who are both grown and blessed with lovely women in their lives. She is once again finding joy in life after the sudden death of her husband. She spends her time serving God, writing, traveling, singing, and enjoying her family.

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The Orchid Blooms

I’ve always loved orchid blooms. We have several beautiful orchid plants in our kitchen window. They seem to thrive there, blooming and growing in abundance. Their colors are bright and vibrant and they bring us joy as we look and see how well they are doing. The orchid blooms fill the space in the window […]

The Dash

I had a friend comment on all that the dash signifies when used between dates. 1960 – 2010 signified the span of my first husband’s life; 2006 – 2010 the dates of my son’s high school years. A lot of life can occur within the span of the dash. 2000 – 2018 reflects my span […]

Gnawing away at grief

Decorating for fall in our front yard, we placed a hay bale, a little scarecrow and a nice, large, orange pumpkin. We thought it was the perfect display. It was easy to put up and easy to maintain. However, as the weeks have gone by, we have watched our poor pumpkin transformed by the deeds […]

Contentment – how do you achieve it?

We’re entering the holiday season, preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving. Tradition says this is a time to gather with family and friends. You are to reflect upon all that you have experienced through the year and are expected to show contentment with your life. But what happens when your life is no longer easy; no longer […]


When my friend and I took this picture 6 years ago, we were pretending we were the Blues Brothers for Halloween. Yes, these were costumes for the holiday celebrated on October 31. That’s what costumes are for; to enable someone to pretend they are something or someone else. So as we passed out over a […]