That Tink Moment

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Tinkerbell. That cute little pixie who brings a smile to faces around the world. I love this picture from my trip last summer. We were told to pretend there was something in the hand and act surprised and thrilled. Upon seeing the final picture at the end of the day, after the photographer had added Tink, I saw my face displaying excitement and wonder. Those are two emotions that have been difficult to feel these past few years. However, that Tink Moment on vacation made me realize that I really can enjoy life again.

While Tinkerbell may not be real, I think Tink Moments are. They are “ah ha” opportunities which present you with sudden pleasure and sweet surprise as you once again experience happiness and joy.

In the early days of grief, it can seem as if nothing will ever be good or right again. I know. I have been there. Fortunately, I can also testify to the fact that the journey does get easier and joy will enter into your days, little by little. You may notice all of a sudden that the sun is shining and your favorite flower is blooming as if to say, “Hello there! Smile!” Perhaps you awaken to a swell of energy one day and cannot wait to get out and hit a few balls on the golf course or take a walk and breathe the fresh air.

Those better times will sneak up on you, so be looking for them. They are a gift: an encouragement from a loving, caring, all-sufficient God who also knows the ache of watching a loved one die. Just as suddenly as grief struck and stole the joy and confidence out from under you, it is possible to unexpectedly experience a smile, feeling a warmth from within that assures you of better days ahead. That is a Tink Moment.

May your days be full of these special times that remind you just how loved you really are. Look for your next Tink Moment amid the rough spots as you journey forward in grief.

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