Unable to See


Driving into church early Sunday morning was quite the experience. Even though it is nearly the middle of May, we had received half a foot of snow during the night. The streets were slushy and slick in some areas. The sides of the roads gathered puddles of water, some of them rather large and deep. Just as I was approaching the ramp to enter the highway, a large van sped by me on the right, running through water so deep it immediately covered my little car, including the windshield. My sight was obscured and I was unable to see anything!

I reacted as quickly as possible, turning on my wipers, gently applying the brake while praying no one behind would hit me. I did my best to drive in a straight line while staying in my lane. Not being able to see where my forward progress was taking me was terrifying. I feared running into something as I was unable to see in any direction around the car. It was quite a relief when my sight was cleared and I could once again maneuver the car with perfect vision.

As my heart rate slowly returned to normal, I contemplated other ways that people are blinded and unable to see. Walking through loss and extreme sadness can certainly be paralyzing and frightening. The path before you is unclear and undefined. Faith is required to continue a forward progress as you process your grief and learn to maneuver an unfamiliar trail.

Just as I was able to see as soon as the wipers did their work of clearing the windshield, you too will eventually find sight and be able to see again. Have courage to place one foot in front of the other even while you are unable to see. Trust in the help of those around you who are sighted while you struggle with clarity. Your sight will return with time and with work. Your path will most certainly look differently than it did before, but you will find a trail that you can make your own as you heal and journey forward.

Trying to envision what my life will be like ten years from now is often too hard and foggy for me to see and understand clearly. So while I dream and plan for the future, I try to keep my focus closer to the here and now. What is it that God has for me today? I must believe that I can live today well, even while in the midst of much sadness and uncertainty.

While you may find yourself unable to see clearly today, trust that your sight will be restored. Until then, live with faith, trust, and hope. Rub your eyes and keep your focus on what you know – God wants to care for you.

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