Unexpected Interruptions

 a and K at ballgame

“Who’s Susan and Dan?” They represent an interruption of a special day long ago. Yet those words are ones I will remember with a smile on my face and a sweet memory in my heart.

Alan and I had been dating only a short while when I invited him to attend the wedding of friends of mine. The ceremony would be in Kansas City, an hour’s drive from where we both attended college. He arranged to take off a bit early from his part-time job that Saturday morning to give ourselves plenty of time to find the church since we were  unfamiliar with the location.

Upon our arrival, we parked the car and walked into the church. As I went to place the gift on a decorated table in the large church foyer, Alan went to a podium holding a basket of cute, little scrolls tied with ribbons. He untied and opened one and then said, “Who’s Susan and Dan?” I hurried to his side, took the paper, and read it with horror.

Without a word, I slinked back to the gift table, excusing myself to another couple standing there, retrieved our gift and practically ran for the door, urging Alan to hurry up. Poor guy did not have a clue as to what had happened. 

Back in the car, I read the invitation and realized that I had the date wrong. We were at the right church, just one week early! I was so embarrassed. How could I have been so stupid? We had not been dating long enough for me to know what Alan’s reaction would be. To my utter amazement and relief, he laughed! We ended up going to a Kansas City Royals baseball game while we were in town. I called home and told my parents the change in plans and I remember Mom’s remark, “He’s not mad? Wow, he’s a keeper!” 

My point in sharing this funny and embarrassing experience is to impress upon you that each day we have a choice of how we will handle the unexpected interruptions and incidents of life. While we cannot control life itself, we can choose to approach and accept the unexpected turns with grace, humility and humor.

You may not feel that you have much to laugh at or smile about right now. I want to encourage you to treasure each day though. Whether the next twenty-four hours turn out exactly as you have planned or you find yourself scrambling to adjust to an interruption in your schedule, today is a gift.

Relish the present and live it to the best of your ability, tucking the memories away for the future. Who knows, you may have a “Susan and Dan” experience that you will be able to laugh about years from now.

(The picture for this post is from a Colorado Rockies game in 2010. We kept the tradition of occasionally attending ball games. This was five short months before Alan passed away.)

Until next time –