Let It Fall


Recently, I heard a beautiful rendition of Let It Fall, sung in concert by artist, Lynne Rothrock. The words spoke so deeply to me, that I later hunted for the song and found it on Youtube recorded by Over the Rhine.

The lyrics state the fact that things fall. “Rain and leaves and snow and tears and stars – that’s not all my friend. They all fall with confidence and grace. So let it fall.”

Encouragement to let the loss we experience in our life to fall is the point of this ballad. Holding onto and worrying over what has happened or what will occur does no good. In our grief journey, we instinctively want to push away our sadness and the heaviness we encounter. However, it is necessary to embrace it and hold on tightly through the wild roller coaster ride that follows.

There is no stopping the rain and snow from falling from the sky. Clouds gather, skies turn gray, and moisture will fall. We cannot will the leaves to stay upon the trees in the autumn months. Their time to release and float to the ground on the wings of the blowing wind is inevitable.

In the same way, our tears must spill over and fall as we grieve. Those tears do not make us weak. Instead, they show our strength to let go and begin a journey of grief, healing through the tears that are an expression of our sadness. We are not admitting defeat to death if we cry. Rather, we are embracing the reality of the pain caused by saying good-bye for a while to loved ones. Life changes and we acknowledge that by the streams of tears that flow.

Let it fall my friend. Allow yourself confidence and grace so the tears of loneliness, sadness, and even doubt can be released and let loose. By doing so, you will be opening up space for healing to enter your life – slowly but surely.

Until next time –