Traveling from Denver to Topeka this week I had to smile each time I encountered trucks along the way. While I would not describe myself as being competitive, I do find satisfaction when I pass a truck and see it disappear in my rear-view mirror as I pull away – going the proper speed limit, of course.

However, the moment of victory with each truck was easily forfeited if I chose to pull off the road for gas or a short break. Even though it is necessary to stop and take care of business occasionally, I found it frustrating to realize that those same trucks gained on me during my interludes. How dare they!

As I had to work again to catch up and fight for my position on the road, I realized that the grief journey is a lot like playing leapfrog. It seems that as we walk this difficult path, we jockey for position with pain, sadness, and progress.

You will have days when you feel great. Your attitude is good and your hopes are high. When you look behind, you can see the advancement you have made and your forward progress is steady. Until one morning, for some unforeseen reason, life seems dismal. Depression attacks with a vengeance and you struggle to even get out of bed and accomplish the simplest tasks.

What happened? How did grief catch up to you so quickly and unexpectedly? Just as I had to drive hard and keep focused to overtake the trucks on the highway, when you walk through grief, determination is necessary.

Knowing ahead of time that you will experience set backs and disappointments will help prepare you for those surprise encounters. When the sun shines outside yet all you are able to see is a gloomy future, know that you just need to play a little leapfrog and spring into action. You have not really lost the ground you have worked so hard to gain. Regressing periodically is part of the journey. Stay focused, think positive thoughts, and rely upon God’s strength in your life to hop over the seemingly large obstacles in your path. When you continue to try, healing is within your grasp.

Picture yourself placing your hands on that roadblock and pushing off the ground with your legs planted firmly. Before you know it, you will find yourself propelled upward out of the depths toward your goal ahead. Play a little leapfrog and find yourself once again moving along your grief journey with success and victory in sight.

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