The Inside Out lesson


After work today I finally made time to go see the movie, Inside Out. I had heard it was good, but really knew nothing more than what I had seen on the pre-movie trailers. It was a cute show, providing funny lines causing the audience to laugh in unison throughout. However, I found the Inside Out lesson deeper than just the opportunity to relax and have fun.

Just in case you have not been able to see the movie yet, I will be careful not to give away the storyline and spoil it for you. I do encourage you to watch the movie with open eyes and a tender heart. There are lines of deeper messages for the discerning viewer from the beginning of the movie to the last scene shown.

My favorite thing about Inside Out was the lesson regarding the importance and value of being honest with your emotions. Often times on the grief journey, you may be unable to express how you really feel. Your tears and fears are real and you should not be ashamed or hesitant to show them. There are times you may feel the need to deny your true emotions because you do not want to make others uncomfortable. You are not responsible for how others will respond to you and your walk with grief.

Drawing attention to yourself can be another reason you choose to put on a happy face and pretend to have a cheery attitude. Blending in and stuffing your emotions may seem the easiest thing to do most days. Unfortunately this practice will eventually catch up with you. In order to move forward in your grief, you need to experience and deal with the effects of your loss.

One emotion that the grieving encounter yet want to deny is simply – laughter and happiness. I remember the early days of my grief journey. There would be a moment when something actually struck me as funny and I would laugh, only to be appalled with myself. How could I possibly find levity so early after saying good-bye to my loved one? However, since that time, I have come to see the wisdom and necessity of some light-heartedness on the deep, long, painful journey of grief.

The Inside Out lesson reminded me that true friends and loving family members will accept you right where you are on your journey. There is no need to pretend that everything is just fine. While you do have hope and assurance that God gives strength for the hard days you will encounter, admitting your sadness and grieving your loss does not mean you lack trust or faith. Being honest makes you a courageous, truthful person who recognizes a need for help.

Go watch this movie and see for yourself the Inside Out lesson that you can apply to your own grief journey. May you find yourself smiling, laughing, and yes – even crying as you watch with open eyes and a tender heart.

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