The good life


Driving in our wonderful Denver traffic this week I saw a tire cover that read Life is Good. Surrounded by hundreds of cars on I-25 at 8:00 a.m. I smiled thinking it was a rather ironic message. Most people would agree that the good life is hard to find and fleeting at best. Especially in rush hour traffic.

Life events can certainly sway how you see things: weddings, raises, new job opportunities, babies, vacations, shopping – all these may cause you to sigh and say, “Yes! This is the good life.” However, just as easily there are occasions that cause you to say quite the opposite.  Anything from job loss, financial ruin, moving, arguments, and death can make you wish for something different and something better.

Because the things you encounter daily can so easily influence how you view life itself, it is beneficial to realize that no matter what life brings you, it never changes the fact that God is always good. True, the things that happen to you while living here on earth are not always fun and certainly do not always bring you happiness. Those of you navigating a loss can certainly attest to that. So how can I adamantly state that God is good?

God’s goal for you is not happiness. That may sound harsh and cruel. However, God has a bigger goal in mind for you. Happiness will always come and go in this life. It is not a constant. Knowing that, God has bigger and better things in store for you. He wants to show you how to be different from the world and how to live with meaning; how to contribute to the world and make a difference in those around you. How to reflect more of Christ and less of yourself each day. How to handle the difficulties of life with His grace and strength.

Holiness is something that those who know God through Christ strive for. It is unattainable this side of Heaven. Yet, it is your effort in following God and living a life to honor Him that will bring you joy, and influence those around you the most. When real life happens – not just “the good life” – people watch to see how you will handle the hard, unexpected, and tragic moments. It is at those very times that people can witness the truth – that life may not be good, but God is always good and sufficient for everything you need.

When you lay your head down tonight and reflect upon your day, perhaps you can rejoice that it was a “Life is Good” type of day. Great! Super! Treasure the moment. Just be ready for the next night when you might lay in bed and have to remind yourself that even though the day had been horrible and full of sadness and hardship, there is hope. It is at those times when you remind yourself that God is good and nothing will shake Him from that status. Rest in that promise. Take confidence in that truth. Then find strength and assurance for the days ahead. You do not have to fear what tomorrow holds, because you can truly know Who holds your tomorrow.

Say the first line of that childhood prayer and rest easy – “God is great, God is good….”

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