Summer Change


I don’t know about you, but the summer months can cause me to desire change and freshness. It is time to pack away the sweaters and warm clothes, exchanging them for shorts and cute tops. The black dress boots are placed in the back of the closet to make room for new sandals and hiking shoes. It seems natural that my summer change also includes a new haircut – one that is cooler and fun. The longer hair was hot and I was feeling dumpy and dreary. I have learned that the last thing anyone should feel is uncomfortable with is a look that is fairly easy to fix.

This summer change of a cooler, short haircut was far simpler than dropping those last ten pounds or taking an expensive vacation. These last five years have taught me to think for myself and be confident in my decisions. There are still times when I am uncomfortable with my grief journey. I still dislike going out to eat alone. I find myself getting nervous when in new situations with unfamiliar people. However, I have learned to take advantage of making changes when they are reasonable and within reach.

Getting your hair cut is a simple summer change. What other things might you need to change this summer to help your continued healing on your grief journey? Sitting down to set a few goals will help. Perhaps these few suggestions will get your creative thoughts flowing and aid you with a new beginning.

Pull out those tennis shoes and begin to take advantage of the cooler mornings and beautiful evenings that summer offers. Walking alone does not have to be isolating. Much inspiration can actually be found in that quiet time when all you hear are rocks crunching under your feet and perhaps some favorite music playing through your ear buds. The fresh air is not only good for you physically, but getting out and about in nature can help clear your head so you can see life in a proper perspective.

Pick up the phone and invite a friend to a ballgame or a show this summer. Being open to new friendships can be a very healthy summer change. Just as the time alone walking is a healthy step, (pun intended!) spending time building relationships can remind you how special you really are. Be open to blessing others with your time and friendship.

Try a new recipe. Summer is full of incredibly delicious fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of them and learn how to make a new dish or two. Not only will you be able to brag a little, but your body will be strengthened with healthy, new foods.

Take advantage of this season and make a summer change or two for yourself. Be confident and have fun with it. You may not be up to a short cut and new color. However, I am sure you can think of something that fits your style perfectly. Enjoy and Happy Summer!

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