Super Duper Soup


Growing up in a large family provided plenty of opportunities for my parents to get creative in placing good, healthy meals on the table each day. As a child, I did not grasp the challenge that they faced once in a while when there was more month left than grocery money. From my point of few we did just fine. There was always plenty on the table. Mom was a good cook and was gifted in stretching food in such a way that no one went hungry. We almost always loved what was put before us on the table.

One meal I remember with a grimace, though, is Super Duper Soup. This was a creation of my dad’s that tended to hold every possible left-over bit of food in the refrigerator. Cabbage was a staple of this dish. Looking back as an adult, I realize we had Super Duper Soup when there was little else left in the house to eat. Fortunately, it was not served often. I hated Super Duper Soup.

While this was an extremely healthy meal, full of vegetables and made to satisfy the appetite, I did not care for cooked cabbage and dreaded the meal every time it was served. I even remember one occasion when I refused to eat it, going to bed hungry since my parents did not believe in making a separate meal for a picky kid.

The lessons learned from Super Duper Soup have transferred into my adult life. The first is very practical – I have not and probably never will fix such a concoction myself. While I make a good stew, soup containing everything but the kitchen sink, is not a meal I plan on fixing and eating myself. I know, I know…never say never.

The second, more important lesson I have learned is that my dad had the best in mind for his children. Even when occasionally challenged to put food on the table, he managed to provide for us. My Heavenly Father does the same thing. His provision in my life is undeniable. I have also received things in my life that I would rather not have experienced. Grief is one of those. However, looking back on the last four years, I realize that God has used this journey to teach me to trust Him more. He desires the very best for me.

Just as Super Duper Soup was unpleasant and something I dreaded, there are lessons that God has for me that I would rather avoid. It is never fun to experience disagreeable situations. Yet, these circumstances can hold the largest potential for gaining wisdom as well as glorifying God if we take advantage of them. We can trust God to have a purpose for every situation in our life and that He will journey with us every step of the way.

As a child, I did not understand the circumstances that brought about the need for Super Duper Soup. In the same way, we may not always understand what God is doing in our life. Our vision is often small and confined to our own little world. However, God is capable of seeing how everything works together to shape our lives and make us into the people He intends.

Next time you experience a Super Duper Soup-like situation, do your best to be open to what God might be showing you. Strive to swallow and digest the lesson, knowing that God always wants the very best for you.

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