“Don’t Block the Flow!”


Until failed routes, slow moving lanes or things that refuse to change inconvenience us, we do not realize how dependent we are upon movement. This past week I have faced several challenges that have caused me to think, “Don’t block the flow!”

As I was driving a busy six-lane road on Monday, headed to a dinner, I witnessed what I can only assume was a person who had lost their way. However, instead of driving on to the next light and turning around to take another go at it, they decided to endanger lives. Without even bothering to pull onto the shoulder of the road, they stopped, threw their car in reverse, and began backing up in order to correct a missed turn. This immediately stopped traffic, forcing us all to quickly change lanes to avoid a collision. “Don’t block the flow!”

For the past week, I have battled with a clogged kitchen sink. Household difficulties are one of my greatest challenges in owning my home. I am just not very knowledge when it comes to fixing things. With a sick feeling in my stomach, I sought some advice before formulating a plan. I also remembered my father telling me about using Drano in the past. I bought a large bottle of it and watched the water still fail to move smoothly down the pipes. A third, desperate application finally resulted in the clog successfully breaking apart – thankfully before I had to resort to snaking out the pipes. “Don’t block the flow!” had a totally different meaning now, but one that was just as important to me.

This past month has been a difficult one for my family. Tears have been cried, sleep has been absent and headaches have been endured as we have faced more loss and hard decisions. From experience I know the importance of letting those tears run their course down my face. Letting them go and allowing them freedom to wet my cheeks and sooth my soul is a healing and therapeutic balm.

When it comes to expressing our sadness and grief over loss and the difficulties of life, we need to remember, “Don’t block the flow!” It is necessary to allow ourselves a healthy release of our feelings, frustrations, and concerns. This does not mean it is okay to give in to road rage when other drivers make foolish decisions. Throwing a tantrum about household challenges will not solve the problem. Denial of emotions and situations will not make them go away.

Being honest and truthful with ourselves is a great start. Can we fix what is blocking the flow in our lives? If not, is there someone who can help? I find my biggest help comes when I stop and pray about the things that bring me to a halt. That is another very important part of life we do not want to be obstructed. “Don’t block the flow!” of conversation with God. Spending time with Him daily will help keep our lives and attitudes on track and moving along in the right direction.

Until next time –