Building Walls


There are some times in life that makes us feel more vulnerable than others. We can easily feel as if we are being attacked and beaten up either by circumstances or people some days. The blows we encounter can render us hurt, confused and defensive. We may wonder, “What did I do to deserve this?” Focusing upon our calamities and ourselves can leave us wounded and worn-out as we seek to fortify and protect against the next onslaught. Building walls can be one way we choose to hide away in life.

Harm can come to us in varying forms. Life can hurt whether it is physically or emotionally. Often times we decide to build walls in order to prevent future harm to befall us. While this mentality is absolutely understandable, it may not provide the relief we seek and desire.  For us to thoroughly fortify and give protection requires us to build walls with no windows. Without a means to look out and view life, we risk missing so many good people and wonderful opportunities that come our way.

So can we be assured that we will not be harmed again? Is it possible to trust and move forward without further attacks on our character, our body – our very lives?

I believe the thing that makes trusting and moving forward possible is understanding whom we can trust. People are not meant to be perfect. No matter how much we love someone, they will wind up hurting and disappointing us at some point – either intentionally or unintentionally. Yet, we need those relationships. Avoiding contact with people places us in an isolation that is not healthy. Especially when we are already walking through the experience of loss and grief.

Putting our confidence and dependency on anyone but God will fail. He alone can be trusted to help you tear down your walls in order to move forward and enjoy life again. God wants to provide comfort and healing for the pain you have experienced in the past, while giving you resources and tools to better handle difficulties that are certain to arise in the future.

Since we are in a world that is far from perfect, the people we live and interact with will continue to disappoint and bring us pain from time to time. Events will occur that may bring us harm and sadness. However, by trusting God, building walls will not be necessary and your tendency to do so will lessen. Allow God to tear down your walls today. Let him bring the healing and joy that has been hidden in your life by the fortified boundaries you had set in place.

Until next time –