Surprise in Growth


This week I have enjoyed the sights and sounds of New York City with my family. While we were out and about playing yesterday, unbeknownst to us, something was happening back in Austin and Audra’s apartment. We were unaware of the changes that were happening until we walked in late that afternoon. The sun had already gone down and the apartment was completely dark. Little did we know that we would soon be witness to a little surprise in growth that had occurred inside the apartment during our absence.

I was the last one in the door of the apartment. The other three had entered and were commenting, “What happened?” “Why is that so big?” “Where did that come from?” I hurried in, not knowing what they were talking about, my curiosity piqued.

The air mattress on which I am sleeping on this week in the living room had been deflated that morning, folded and pushed aside to make room. However, while we had been out, it apparently had partially re-inflated and was pushing up against the coffee table and invading the living room space. Quite the surprise!

The source of the unexpected occurrence was found in that I had left the air mattress plugged in. Apparently it has a built-in, automatic adjustment valve. As a person sleeps on the mattress, it quietly pushes more air in to stay firm. I had failed to remove the blankets before folding it up, therefore, with that added weight left on, it assumed someone was still sleeping and it had a job to do. By staying plugged into the electric source, the valve was able to do what it was made to do.

We are like that as well. Our job is to grow and glorify God in living our life the best we know how to honor Him. That task is thwarted and failure occurs when we cease to stay plugged into our power source – God Himself. If we stop and unplug from Him, then we cannot accomplish that task successfully.

Life can surprise us. Things happen that we do not expect and feel we are not equipped to handle. Experiencing the loss of loved ones, especially around holiday times, can be shocking and difficult. These times can knock us off track in living well and doing what we were created to do.

How are you going about the surprises of life? Are you seeking to stay powered up by your own doing? If so, eventually you will cease to be enough to accomplish what you were created to do – honor and glorify God. Make the choice to plug into the never-ending power of God and see what you can accomplish! Have fun discovering the surprise in growth that will occur as you read, pray and seek God.

Until next time –