Destructive Power


A few days ago marked the fifty-year anniversary of a huge, powerful, F5 tornado that struck my hometown of Topeka, Kansas. June 8, 1966 was a day that changed life for many people, including my family. My family of 8, 2 parents, and six kids (the youngest to be born 6 months after this date) actually faired better than many did that fateful evening. The destructive power of that storm was easy to see in the path of flattened homes and the destroyed businesses left behind.

The pain of loss can also have destructive power, although it might not be as visible to the human eye. The ache of having to say good-bye to a loved one is physically painful especially in the early days of grief. However, when compared to the destructive power of a mighty storm, hope can be found if you are able to look beyond the initial shock and sting of loss.

Months and years following that huge, frightening tornado, found people rebuilding and slowly recovering after their great loss. The devastation of the storm did not last forever. While the path of the tornado was evident for years, hope sprung up as the cleanup began and new growth could be seen.

You can experience that same hope as healing from your loss begins in your life. Your journey of grief can slowly but surely lead you to new growth as well. It is important to acknowledge your loss and allow yourself to experience your pain so that you can move through it. Ignoring the destructive power of grief will only cause you to relapse and fail to heal. In order to build your life and create your new normal, you must recognize several facts.

First, admit that you have lost someone that you love and you miss. Coming to terms with the path of destruction that grief can create is the only way you will find the trail on which to build. Go ahead and allow yourself time to shed tears and mourn what is no longer. Doing so is productive and vital to your healing and growth in life.

Second, realize that the hurt and pain you now experience does not have to stay the same. The ugliness of loss can lead to a beautiful life if you are open to change and are willing to embrace it after you have given yourself time to grieve. Take hope is seeing how others have recovered after such devastating loss and know that you too, can one day hold your head high with a smile on your face.

Third, your future is what you make it. That may seem hard to grasp right now if you are in the midst of fresh loss. However, do the hard work of grief – admitting and feeling your pain and then being open to eventual change – and you will see the pay off by waking up one day and experiencing joy and happiness. Your deep sorrow will not last forever. Trust that fact and look for more.

Do not let the destructive power of death hold you captive. Choose instead to hope and dream that there will come a day when those dreams will be fulfilled. Here is to brighter days and beautiful future.

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