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Social media can be a good help in some ways. Keeping up with friends is fun. It is possible to achieve positive growth by gaining knowledge in reading about current events, or finding new recipes. I even learned how to fix my garbage disposal from a post several years ago. Laughing at new jokes and funny cartoons can lead to some levity in our busy lives. Some people choose to use social media to encourage others and try to bring cheer and a positive outlook on life to those in their social circles.

I read a post the other day that I am sure was written with good intentions. It went something like this – “We should all look at the positive side of life and stop being so negative.” While I may agree with the sentiment behind this statement, I believe when people are going through rough times – such as journeying through grief – staying positive is not a simple task. Here are a few tips to help you achieve a more positive outlook on life in the midst of mourning.

As you work your way through sad days, realize that you are not in a hopeless situation. There are things you can do to bring a positive view into a negative looking world. One of those is to give you permission to cry. Allowing the tears can relieve stress, pain and sorrow. The river of water coursing down your cheeks is similar to the concept of releasing pressure from an over-filled balloon. It is less damaging to you and those nearby when you intentionally let go in a positive, constructive way rather than finally coming to the point where you explode with anger and hurt.

Remind yourself that life will get better. You will not always hurt as intensely as you do today. I cannot promise you that the pain will go away completely. However, I do know from the experience of my last four years that it will lessen and seem more manageable in time.

You are not on this journey alone. First and foremost, God is with you. He wants to be your strength and sufficiency during this very difficult time of life. Allow Him to be that for you. Pray and tell God about your hurts, fears, hopes and dreams. He can handle anything you place upon Him.

As we journey through grief, it is helpful to also seek the support of others walking a similar path. I have found new friends and inspiration through attending a Grief Share group. Finding hope and encouragement reminds me there is still a purpose to my life.

A big part of maintaining a positive outlook on this difficult journey is to just keep working each day to move onward. Do not give up. Even in your most difficult moments, there is always hope for tomorrow. Place one foot in front of the other, my friend. Your positive outlook will move you forward as you do the hard work of grief today.

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