One Stitch at a Time


I recently pulled out my yarn and crochet hook and got to work creating some new scarfs, one stitch at a time. My grandmother taught me this skill when I was young and I occasionally find time to pull it out. The art of making blankets, scarfs, and towels has always been a relaxing activity for me.

Keeping my mind focused on a task in the midst of feeling out-of-sorts is also an advantage to crocheting. On the days when I am feeling stressed or distracted, I enjoy finding a new pattern to work the tension out of my fingers while making a gift to give a friend or family member. The simple act of tying the yarn on the hook then looping and pulling it through time and time again eventually leads to a completed project. The action of taking one stitch at a time is the only way to finish the piece and obtain a sense of satisfaction in a job well done.

We too can find satisfaction by taking one day at a time, making our way through grief and loss. While we may not know exactly what our future looks like, we can reach for our goals, hopes and dreams as we move forward. Seeing these come to fruition is impossible if we fail to take that first step. Once we do that, trusting God and leaning into our grief enables us to continue moving forward.

While we may not understand what the end product will look like, God does. As we view our current life, we may see a mess filled with many tangles and detours. Compare those messy spots with another craft form; the art of needlepoint.

Any person who works on embroidery knows that the underside of the cloth can look messy, with thread zigzagging back and forth. The occasional knot can be found, as it is necessary to hold the stitches in place on the topside of the work. Looking from the underside it is not always possible to tell what the picture is on top. However, as the cloth is turned, we can see with clarity what the artist has made and it is beautiful! Especially when compared with the tangles of color underneath.

The same is true for our lives. God, the artist, knows what He is doing. The things we may label as wrong and messy are actually right and necessary in order to achieve the beauty He intends for each of us. The detours and tangles we must encounter along the way can be difficult and painful. Yet, we must trust that we will someday see our life as His magnificent masterpiece as we live and allow Him to lead us one stitch (or day) at a time.

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