My Slurpee Adventure


After attending a meeting and driving in the heat yesterday, I decided to treat myself and stopped for a drink at 7-Eleven to cool off before heading home. Little did I know that the detour would end up being my Slurpee adventure. As I stood in line to check out, I watched a young man give the manager money, asking for a pack of cigarettes. Before handing them over, she of course asked to see his license. His response surprised all of us. He complained that he did not have his billfold and proceeded to yell at her then stormed out the front door, kicking it open as he exited.

A moment later as I was paying for my drink, the other clerk announced, “He broke the door!” Sure enough, we looked and the lower section of the front door had shattered. After a call to 911, the manager pursed the man who had gone down the block trying again to buy his smokes. Police came, the young man ended up admitting what he did – still yelling – and I stuck around to encourage the upset manager and to be a witness in case they needed to take my statement.

Looking back on the experience, I realized that my Slurpee adventure has some similarities to a grief journey. While you may think you are doing well dealing with your loss, there are times you find you do not have things as controlled as your thought. Just when everything is going smoothly, you are told you can’t do something or you are missing a necessary tool to accomplish a certain task. Suddenly you face an unexpected difficulty that threatens your peaceful day.

How you handle these obstacles can vary. Being ready for challenges in your journey will prevent you from being surprised and reacting in a less than ideal way – such as the young man in my Slurpee Adventure. Anger has a way of rearing its ugly head and momentarily taking over.

While I am not disposed to angry fits, I admit I have had my moments when I have given in to frustration or fear, and have become upset and angry at times. Those are not proud moments for me and I hope and pray that I have not harmed my relationship with others with those times. Knowing that you can give your struggles over to God and seek His help and strength is certainly a wiser choice than melting down and screaming at someone.

Another similarity my Slurpee adventure has with the journey of grief is that you will find it helpful to allow others to stand with you in your loss. I physically stood beside the manager as she was being verbally assaulted. My presence was appreciated and helped ward off fear and possibly harm. Receiving her thanks as I departed, I realized how helpful and encouraging it is to have friends and family who stand by as you take each step toward healing.

As you deal with all that life brings your way, may the lesson from my Slurpee adventure be helpful to you. Be ready for challenges and allow others to journey with you providing support and encouragement along the way.

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  1. That certainly could have ended worse! Glad you were able to be a blessing.

  2. I appreciate the time and thought it took for you to write this story. Life often throws curves at us and how we respond determines how we mature and grow. I like the fact that you take cognitive snapshots of situations like this one and look at how it affects others and yourself. You have the right perspective, Karen. I, too, have also dealt with grief and grown through it. It is quite a process that resembles a mathematical exponential curve, where initially one is faced with virtually overwhelming circumstances and emotions, but as time goes on the curve draws closer to zero, never quite reaching it though, with diminished gut wrenching pain as time passes by subtly. Now for me, 25 years after my loss, I reflect on wonderful memories and am thankful for how my life is richer through those experiences, but still I choke on words or thoughts that can seem like only yesterday and yet so long ago. The pain seems to eventually dissolve in the quicksand of time, but the tears will always show up when you least expect them, revealing a heart that is rich and full of love!

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