Happily Ever After


When you walk with grief you know sadness. You have experienced a heavy heart and are familiar with sorrow. The pain is more than just emotions though. It can manifest itself in physical aches and pains. Headaches, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness can all be signs of a happily ever after gone awry. You are not alone in this. Jesus Christ knew sorrow and pain. He knows how you feel in your sadness and can identify with your grief today. “He was despised and rejected by men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.” Isaiah 53:3 (ESV) His time on earth assures that you can have hope in all you are experiencing today.

It is easy in the midst of your grief journey to stop and wonder about the future. What lies ahead and how will you maneuver the unknown? What about the happily ever after you had planned on and dreamed of? Will that come to fruition in the midst of what life looks like today?

This summer our youngest son got married. It was a beautiful, fairy-tale-like wedding. The bride was lovely and glowing. The groom stood with tears in his eyes seeing his bride walk down the aisle of the church at the beginning of the ceremony. Their happily ever after as man and wife was finally beginning. May their future be blessed and full of love, peace, and blessings beyond their wildest dreams.

What happens though, when this dream fails to come true? How do you deal with the loss of the loved one you planned on being with forever? No one wants to think that a shortened journey together will happen. Yet, on occasion it does. What do you do when your happily ever after ends early?

Change your perspective. Realize that there really is no such thing as a happily ever after on earth because life is not forever here. This is not your final destination; not the final stop on your journey. When you know Jesus Christ personally, you need to remember that this is not your forever home. Someday you may find yourself mourning and personally realizing life’s brevity. Nothing points to how fragile life is like death.

However, when you have heaven to look forward to, you realize that your happily ever after truly has not even begun! While life may at times be good now, it will be incredible later on and that life will never end. Find comfort in knowing that if life here is not so good right now, you have the hope and assurance for better things later. This life is full of ups and downs, joy and sorrows, life and death. But there will come a day when all that stops and only the best remains. Your fairy-tale ending is yet to come when you meet Jesus face to face.

Focus on that hope. Set your eyes on that goal. You are here for a reason. Hold fast to that and keep on living and moving toward what will one day truly be even better than a fairy-tale-like life. Your happily ever after will come!

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