Until I experienced grief, I failed to truly see the significance in and feel the effects of good-byes. In our mobile world today, life is full of them. Employees get transferred, friends move off, and eventually people pass away. Some of our farewells are planned and celebrated. Others bring with them a pain and sadness that burrow down deep inside the heart.

Little babies are cheered and praised as they learn to open and close their little hands, waving their good-byes to people as they pass by. Smiles spread at the new skill that they so proudly exhibit for anyone willing to watch. Good-byes are a fun way for these little ones to show off. Yet, as you grow up and get older, you tend to lose the ability to joyously say your good-byes. Perhaps it is because you realize that certain farewells are for keeps on this side of Heaven.

The early days of grief can knock you backwards and zap your strength and assurance in what you know. The certainty with which you have lived has been shaken. Life seems to stop while your emotions rage on. Questions assault your mind, causing you to wonder if you will ever have the ability to function again.

There are some positive types of good-byes, however. Saying so long to fear is a victory. Speaking farewell to failure is a true win. Have the confidence in knowing that even when your heart is heavy, joy is possible.

As time moves on, you do find a way to understand the good-byes. The assurance of Heaven for those who know Jesus Christ is a promise that cannot be taken away. Good-byes are for life on earth, not for eternity. Seeing them as temporary gives hope. There will come a day when you will not have to face sorrow and farewells.

Until then, be encouraged. As you are faced with your recent good-byes or you dread upcoming ones, look for the positives in the situation. Even though life will be different it can be good. Although your journey may not be easy to walk, it is maneuverable. Hold your head high, eyes forward, lift your hand, and bravely wave good-bye. Doing so will help you move forward in your grief.

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