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There is a comfort in taking time to remember what really brings you joy. What are the favorite things in your world that add pleasure to your life? Before you say, “But without my loved one…..” let us establish that yes, life is now different. And no, not everything can be the same. However, there are still some great things you can appreciate as you live out each day.

Making a list of your favorite things will not only be therapeutic, but can bring gratitude back into a life that has been battered and broken by grief. Recalling those things that you enjoy can remind you that there is still good in this world. Perhaps you are a creative or artistic person who takes pleasure in making things. Then give yourself the gift of filling a Favorite Things Box or making a collage of items that can still bring a smile to your face.

Is it the sound and smell of a gentle rain accompanied by jarring thunder? Maybe music touches your heart in a special way. Burning a CD of certain songs may release your sadness leaving room for joy to bloom. Perhaps you find relaxation in beginning the day slowing, savoring the sunshine streaming into your bedroom while catching up on some reading.

Reflect upon old hobbies you used to enjoy. Is it time to take part in those again? Sports, crocheting, cooking, playing an instrument, gardening, jogging, writing, singing,…. Do any of these resonate with you? Is it time to learn a new skill? There is a beauty and satisfaction in discovering new abilities. Just because you have never done something before does not mean it is impossible or too late to learn it now.

Shortly after Alan’s death, I realized that I was missing out on so much by sitting at home and doing nothing more than working and sleeping. Auditioning for a local choir met a need that I had. Singing with Voices West has been fulfilling and healing.

What is it that is causing you to hesitate? Do not let your fears and doubts stop you from trying something new. That thing you have always wanted to do may just be the thing that propels you forward on your journey.

When you lost your loved one you did not lose the ability to continue living and growing. Your days should have purpose. There is a reason that you are still here. Now – today –  is the time to discover things about yourself you may not have known. Be courageous and willing to branch out and reach upward. Dig deep within and be amazed at what you uncover. Marvel in the favorite things you still find in life. Embrace and enjoy them. Your loved one would want you to smile and be happy.

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