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I do quite a bit of typing at work between planning lessons and camps, writing material for classes, and communicating with people. In order to keep my wrists happy, I also use a special ergonomic keyboard. However, I have used it so much, that the markings on many of the keys are worn off. This has not bothered me at all since I am quite proficient at typing. Yet when others sit down to use my computer, I hear comments such as, “How can you know where the keys are?” I suppose it is because the keyboard letter positions are familiar to me. I know where they are without even looking. I can count on my fingers just landing on the right keys out of habit and years of practice.

As you continue on your grief journey, the familiar things of life often feel lost to you. No longer are you certain what the day may hold. Things that you have counted on fail to be part of your life now. People you have known for years are no longer with you. How can you endure the loss of familiarity as you make your way through life?

As I type, I feel my way along the keyboard. I know where certain letters are in relation to others. Typing has become second nature to me. What about in life though? Now that elements of your life have drastically been altered, can you still know where you stand and in which direction you should move? I believe you can.

As people, we tend to rely upon feelings to guide us in life. While this is a common practice, I am not so sure that it is always wise. Feeling for and expecting the familiar can leave you uncertain when all you are able to conjure up are unfamiliar emotions. While you long for what you know, you find yourself unacquainted with the demands of adjusting and modifying what you thought would be your life.

The familiar seems lost to you and suddenly you are forced to find a new path to walk; a new way to live. I find comfort in knowing that no matter how unexpected your life journey is now, there is one thing you can count on to never change.

God is a constant in this world. When nothing else seems to make sense, you can be certain of God’s sovereignty and ability to meet your needs, even in the midst of loss and grief. When all the familiar things you have been certain of seem to be gone from your grasp, the things of God are still very much in place and within reach.

It is with His help and guidance that you will eventually be able to look back at those missing, familiar things of life and realize that new feelings, new people, and new adventures have filled your days. All of the sudden, it seems that the unfamiliar is actually there to help you move forward. Life has great promise again. Hope and joy enter your daily picture as you become familiar with new things, new people, and new choices.

Do not give up just because what you know – the familiar – is gone. Instead, choose to look ahead and be open to change. Who knows, right around the corner may be an exciting element to add to your new life. Here’s to become familiar with fresh possibilities.

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