Karen Bransgrove enjoys living in Colorado and serving as Children’s Minister at Riverside Church in Denver. She is the mother of two sons, Austin and Chris, who are both grown and blessed with lovely women in their lives. She is once again finding joy in life after the sudden death of her husband. She spends her time serving God, writing, traveling, singing, and enjoying her family.

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Anniversary date

On this 6th anniversary date of Alan’s passing, I thought I’d share my post from last year – 2015. My prayer is that others will be helped and encouraged as they journey through their own grief. Dear Alan, Tomorrow marks five years since I last saw you and got to speak with you. The morning […]

Loneliness in the holidays

With this week being Thanksgiving, I thought it would be appropriate to share some tips in dealing with the holidays while walking through grief. Facing every-day life without your loved one is difficult. Facing the holidays without your loved one can seem overwhelming. Loneliness and holidays tend to go hand-in-hand, especially during the early years […]

Read the Road Signs

I recently attended an event where the car was parked in an unfamiliar area away from the action. While this normally would not be a problem, this particular evening one very important detail was skipped. I did not read the road signs. The road signs went unnoticed so that upon returning for the car, it […]

Don’t Go There

In my early months of grief, I would find myself allowing my mind to wander to unhealthy places. For instance, I would have a few decent days and instead of rejoicing in those, I would be bracing myself, convinced that a hard, sad day was just around the corner. Part of this may have been […]

A Dark Place

Walking through grief and loss can be a dark place. Whether your journey has just begun or you have been acquainted with loss and sorrow for a while now, there will be times when you find yourself back in a dark place due to circumstances in life. Perhaps someone says something that brings up a […]